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children playing at Roberge Daycare

Creative group play

Caring for young children got its start at Roberge in 1973 as a licensed family day care home operated by Noella Roberge. In 1984, the facility and program were purchased by John Donovan and his wife, Louise, Noella’s daughter. The facility became Roberge Early Learning Center. Since then, we have been licensed by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood with a capacity of 45 children.


Cooperative play at Roberge Day Care

Cooperative play at Roberge Day Care

Through the years, we have have sought to create the type of nurturing and enriching program that they would send our own children to. And indeed they did…all five of them! Our children, Daniel, Jessica, Julie, Mitch and Kayla returned during their high school and college years to work as teaching assistants in the program.

Reflecting on the rewarding and memorable experiences with our first generation of Roberge Day Care Center alumni, we are pleased to be celebrating our second quarter century of service.