Below is a sample of what learning opportunities our toddler group will engage in this year:

Toddler Group Curriculum January 2015


Our 5 Senses

This week we’ll launch into the unit on our 5 senses. We use and talk about our 5 senses all the time, but some senses seem to get less attention than others. The children seem to have fewer opportunities to become aware of their sense of smell for example, but have more opportunities for sight and touch. The materials chosen this week will provide practice in discriminating between different types of sensory stimuli. For example we will use play dough with two distinct smells and textures: a mint scented/ rough texture dough and a strawberry scented smooth dough. We will also prepare recipes where before and after cooking characteristics are distinctly different such as bread dough. As we engage in each activity the teaching staff will model the language that describes the senses and material qualities. We encourage you to talk to your children at home about what they are touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling as the opportunities arise. This all helps them to develop an awareness of their bodies and the corresponding language.


Sensory Table materials –


Dry Flour (then add water and salt to make play dough)

Sand (dry and wet)

Water (warm and cold)

Ooblik (cornstarch and water)

A sensory walk – barefoot over various textures.


Art Activities –


Finger paints

Sand paper coloring

Spice collage

Soft & Hard collage



Fine Motor Skills –

Smooth and ridged pasta stringing

Matching texture cards

Baking Bread, making jello, pudding


Other senses explored –


Echo games and songs

Musical rhythm instruments and “found” instruments

Sound effects

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